Ensure ambition and measure the business impact.

Every change transformation is always for a goal – create business impact! Hence, measuring business outcomes is very important to drive personal, behavioral change. In order to sustain the change and ensure that the benefits of an engaged leadership team, the right approach and great “transformation coaches” really pay off, it is key to measure the “true” outcomes and to get the ambition right. For this we work with 4 different outcomes to be measured and continuously improved: 

Customer Satisfaction (e.g., Customer Satisfaction Index). Every business starts with a customer demand. Without customers no business can and will exist, hence focusing all efforts on the customer first is a prerequisite for lasting business success. 

Financials (e.g, Cash Flow). Knowing what the customer wants enables the company to design the products and the processes in the best ways to meet the customer demand and continuously improve them, which will pay off in financial terms. 

Employee Engagement (e.g., Employee Engagement Index). In order to succeed in the long run it needs highly engaged and motivated employees, having the right capabilities to keep the processes and the continuous improvement working.

Leadership Quality (e.g., Leadership Index): Long lasting change can only succeed if leadership is fully supportive, the role modelling of top leaders hence becoming a key ingredient which can be measured as well.