Take leaders on Board.

Leadership has an extremely important role in making change happen and sustaining it. Fundamental change needs to start at the top or it runs the risk of not starting at all. But even if you manage to start without the leaders, you cannot sustain change against them.

Hence, 2 key questions come up:

(1) How to support leaders in starting to role model the change and become actively involved?

(2) How to align the top leadership team to ensure all are moving into the same direction, provide this direction to their teams and create momentum?

Elements to answer both questions include the understanding of system thinking and how to move a system (starting with „me“), the importance of role modeling, simple leadership concepts in today’s VUCA-times including seeing the system, using the power of emotions and mindfulness, and ways how to overcome the own resistance to change. Creating alignment is based on the understanding of how to orchestrate change in a wider context (change approach), supporting the top leadership team to get clarity about their purpose and ways of working, developing a future picture, rallying the company behind the future picture with a compelling story and starting in groups that do not want to change