Our Product Portfolio

We support organizations in all phases of a transformation regarding all elements needed („LARI“) starting with actively involving leaders directly from the start, conducting the diagnostic, designing the whole transformation approach, setting up the resources needed and getting the frame for impact right. Beside this holistic support we offer also very concrete help to get all „LARI“ elements in place.

1. Leadership

– Conduct Comprehensive Diagnostic regarding strengths and improvement areas in top-teams

– Align the Top Team (Future Picture and Team Charter and Rules)

– Design and Support Compelling Story creation and Strategy Cascade

– Make teams become high performing (team Coaching) 

– Ensure role modelling of leaders via Individual Leadership Development Journeys und 1:1 Coaching

– Design and do Interventions (e.g., leading through change, dealing with resistance, mindfulness, systemic perceiving) 

– Design and support Management meetings (Top Leadership Meetings etc.)  

– Performance Measurement of top teams

2. Approach

– Conduct Comprehensive cultural diagnostic for a company (including questionnaires, meeting observations, Interviews and Gemba) 

– Identify root causes for diagnosed problems (e.g., blocking systemic patterns and mental models) 

– Co-create the future culture „to be“ and its success criteria

– Choose the appropriate change approach (masterful, emergent) 

– Design the program (practices, tools, interventions, roll-out approach, quality assurance, continuous improvement of program etc.)

– Ensure Sustainability

3. Resources / Skills

– Develop appropriate profiles, identify best people for the change team and onboard them

– Leading from the future: Ensure Teambuilding and Organisation „from the future“ 

– Co-Create Development Journeys und Training to upskill change team (70-20-10 Approach)

– Do the upskilling and measure success  

– Design and Build up Knowledge Management (Collaborative knowledge platforms, external foraging etc.) 

– Ensure Community management, best practice exchange and learning and interactive communications  

– Interims Management of change teams

4. Impact

– Support and develop Company Steering Concepts and Return on Change 

– Customer Satisfaction 

– Financials and Operations (KPI Cascade) 

– Employee Satisfaction and Engagement 

– Leadership Quality  

– Continuous measurement and improvement of the whole transformation