Get the best people and resources in place.

For a transformation to be sustainable, it needs capabilities being built up in the organization; only when people have actively experienced and learned new ways of working is it possible to really do this every day – if I am lacking the capability to, e.g., run tools like a Performance Dialogue, a Root Cause Problem Solving Session or do Coaching – how should I live this on a day to day basis? It is impossible. Therefore, every capability building requires a core team of excellent “transformation coaches”.

In this context, the following key questions need to be answered:

(1) How does the concrete role of such a „transformation coach“ look like, which are the key competencies and characteristics needed? How are they leading the transformation?

(2) How to build, organize, lead and ramp up a team of such “transformation coaches”? Which functions are needed to ensure the quality of people and the quality of the whole transformation?

(3) How to systematically build capabilities? How do development journeys for the transformation coaches look like?

(4) How to scale up the transformation by systematically involving networks and spreading the effort into the whole organization.