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Our approach to sustainable change: Changeonomics

Changeonomics describes the economics of change or how change works. It is sort of a law of change, which we discovered „the hard way“: Everything in the formula is connected to and driven by mistakes which we made on more than 100 transformations and the subsequent learnings. And we learned a lot. In that sense Changeonomics represents the collection of all our learnings and improvements over more than 10 years of change efforts. It lists the key success factors of organisational change and makes change understandable, measureable and manageable. Ultimately it helps to make change more effective and efficient. And - very important - it brings a lot of fun doing it!

Changeonomics = The LARI formula.

To put it simple: You need strong leadership, a good tailored approach and enough, well-skilled resources to make an impact. Please note, that leadership, approach and resources are not added up, but multiplied. If one of the factors is low, the change impact will be low as well. Even if you excel in two factors, you cannot overcompensate a missing key ingredient for change. Even worse, if one is missing – unfortunately – the sustainable impact will be zero!.

Product Portfolio

1. Leadership

Transform leaders so that they role model the future and a leadership team in order to succeed a sustainable change.

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2. Approach

We help to overcome the blocking patterns and ensure business success by building an approach which is built on a thorough diagnosis of the current situation and its strengths and weaknesses.

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3. Resources & Skills

By finding the right resources & skills we encourage people that have actively experienced and learned new ways of working, really do this every day.

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4. Impact

We measure the impact by measuring and continuously improving Customer Satisfaction, Financials, Employee Engagement & Leadership Quality.

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Who we are

Arndt Brandenberg

Managing Director (Germany)

Arndt Brandenberg

Founder of “The Trusted Advisors GmbH”, supporting companies on their way to achieve excellence by sustainable cultural change. The approach builds on 7 years of practical experience, where Arndt has been designing and leading the change journey of the RWE Group, in particular since 2015 leading the company’s largest group wide transformation program NWoW (New way of working). Following the split of RWE in 2016 and the IPO of innogy, Arndt moved into the renewable energy daughter innogy.

Within innogy more than 40.000 people experienced the New Way of Working, Customer Satisfaction increased significantly, 400+Mio EUR annual cash flow improvements were created and innogy achieved a significant and measurable improvement of the culture (measured via the “Organizational Health Index” of McKinsey and via internally measured “Employee Satisfaction Index”). The holistic approach is made to scale behavioural change throughout the whole organisation by being simple, practical and experiental. Meanwhile the approach is successfully piloted and tested in several large and medium-sized companies, also internationally.

Prior to to joining RWE in 2005 Arndt was a project manager at McKinsey, especially focusing on the introduction of Lean programs. After joining RWE he worked as head of the M&A valuation team, led several Controlling teams and worked as CFO in RWE Hungaria, including the stock listed companies Elmü and Èmász. Arndt holds a PhD in economics with special focus on motivation theories and incentive systems. He is 48 years old, widowed, has two children and lives in Essen.

Roland Hess

Managing Director (Austria)

Roland Hess

My passion is to create great human experiences and scale behavioral change. Understanding an organization as a “system”, identifying its blocking mental models are instrumental in successful corporate transformations. In describing how these mental models impact our own day to day behavior, I enjoy helping to overcome these by focusing on the 'joy of getting better'. Recent engagements include: Lead a large-scale transformation of the global organization, impacting more than 60.000 employees with a clear focus on improving leadership capability, higher employee satisfaction, increase of the customer satisfaction index and operative cash flow improvement of € 500Mio+ Led a large-scale business transformation of the global energy organization, impacting more than 40.000 employees with a clear focus on improving leadership capability, higher employee satisfaction, increase of the customer satisfaction index and operative cash flow improvement of € 400Mio+ Coaching of CEOs, Board members, boards as well as senior executives and their respective teams in Europe, Australia and US within their personal journeys as well as helping to grow high performing boards and senior executive teams Co-created, designed and delivered the first large scale data driven transformation of a US company

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